Monday, May 16, 2011

My Weekend Review

On Friday afternoon we drove on down (actually, it's UP) to Marksville.  We spent the majority of the afternoon at granny's house, talkin' about the upcoming flood and playing outside. I left her house with a bag of dolls, newborn baby clothes (she swiped them when my cousin was getting rid of them, I don't need them, but they are cute!), a bag of material/fabric, and a small sewing box filled with thread.  I've yet to go through the material, again, but I am excited to attempt sewing.  Which reminds me, she said I'd need oil for the machine.  Do newer machines need that?

Anyway, after that, we made the short drive to my parent's house where I discovered I no longer had a key...or at least not with me!  Thankfully my phone had service, so I called granny back up and she rescued us with a key.  We played inside and watched Charlotte's Web while we waited on momo to get home.  I decided to don some makeup for the Travis Tritt concert, but decided against the contacts.  I wore my big red, nerdy glasses, just so I was sure I could see him! Finally, momo made it home and I ran off to the casino to see one of my all time favorite singers!

His show was absolutely fantastic.  At the last song, I rushed the stage (they wouldn't let anyone go up there before that) and made it almost directly in front of him!  I got a few decent pictures, I guess.  It was mostly just nice to be in the presence of some great music.  In his very last encore song, he shook people's hands in the front, which means mine, too!  It wasn't the normal touch and go type, he actually took the time to grasp and shake! It was very nice.  He was very nice.  This was even his second time coming to the casino to play!  I think he must be a pretty decent man, too, if he'd come back to a small town like this to play when he can have sold out larger venues!

Not the best picture, but I like it, anyway.

Saturday morning we were up pretty early, which is no different from most mornings.  Only difference was Olivia was still zonked out with her momo.  James and I scooted on over to granny's house, again, so mommy could get some coffee and rock and talk with granny.  I used to do that every morning when we still lived in Marksville.  I miss it!  I'll always be able to cherish those times I was able to go, though!  Anyhow.  We sat and talked and my cousin came over with her youngest, then another cousin with her baby.  Our kids are all about the same age, so they can play together.  They decided to be shy, though, and didn't really play with each other much.  Eventually the other little girl came around and they played with dolls.  Olivia also managed to walk away with even more dolls (this girl LOVES any sort of doll or stuffed animal and loves them all individually--she's a little mama!).  She slept with her "favorite" one when we got home Saturday night.  It's the doll she's always played with every time we visited granny.  I suppose we would have left it there, but being faced with the flood, granny was trying to get rid of some things.

We made our way back to Lafayette just in time for me to make it to the Elemeno Pee Backyard Cloth Diaper Sale AKA Resale. I was very excited for this event, and even ditched the moving party going on at my parent's house in preparation for the flood (I'm not sad that I missed this, but I did feel a tad guilty even though they assured me I was not needed, especially since I'd be mostly busy watching my babies, anyway). I got there just in time for the sale to start, which was only slotted to last an hour!  I loaded up with about 13 new diapers, all in excellent used condition, and all from only one mama! I was sure glad she showed up with her many boxes of diaper treasure! I walked out with 2 shorties (1 WAHM, 1 thumbelina diapers), 2 thirsties covers, 1 bummis super whisper wrap cover, 1 Lovelybums wool cover, 1 daisy doodles AIO, 1 WAHM AIO, 2 BSRB fitteds, 2 pampered cheeks fitteds, and 1 firefly diaper fitted! The best part? I got all that for $73!!!!

Saturday afternoon when I checked the mail, I had a slip informing me of a package in the office, but I was already too late to retrieve it, which meant no package til Monday!

Sunday morning James and I woke up early, and started our normal, daily routine.  Milk for him, coffee for me.  He watches Turbo Dogs, Pearlie, Babar, Sesame Street, or Sheldon or something similarly decent while I read up on the night folks' posts and whatnot.  Then Olivia comes strolling into the room, rubbing her sleepy eyes, climbs into my lap and rests her head on my shoulder.  Only then does she notice that James is up and playing already.  She says to me, "Oh! I not wake up James.  He wake up his self."  (She's two, c'mon! She'll learn to talk better....I sincerely hope, we do the correcting and such.)  She was pretty surprised, since it's usually her that wakes him up during the day.  But I digress.  We got ready for church and headed out.  I ran into my small group members there and we sat together for the service.  I normally sit with my sister, but she's in GA living it up at Korean spas, swimming in a nice pool, and eating boiled seafood.  It was nice to see people other than relatives and sit with them, like I belonged.  I didn't even feel uncomfortable...well, maybe a couple times when I had no idea what they were talking about, but it didn't last long, and they always included me when they talked, even when they knew I didn't know what they were talking about.  Anyhow, it was a nice service with nice friends.

Sunday evening we went to one of my sister's houses and had supper with her and her husband.  It was nice to visit with them for a while.  They couldn't share in my excitement for my new cloth diapers, though!  They don't any kids (YET, I say).  Maybe one day she'll understand!  Or not, not everyone can get into the cloth diaper love.

Today has been rather uneventful other than my endless attempts at cleaning.  I also had a big old tension headache most of the afternoon that stifled any whole-hearted attempts at cleaning.  One of the sisters did come over for lunch, and she was kind enough to retrieve my box at the office.  The box was from a mama on DiaperSwappers. She didn't post pictures,  but had a brief summary of the contents.  She said she could not post pictures, so really I prepared for the worst, but took the chance that it would be worth what I spent on it.  I suppose it was.  I probably would have made it about $20 cheaper, myself.  Granted there were about 20 something diapers included in the box.  Mostly diaper covers and empty pockets...that are really old.  I haven't taken really good pictures yet, but I will eventually.  There are about 25 flannel wipes that were included and that excites me.  Really wasn't crazy about the prints, but Olivia loved it.  They are very bright, indeed.  Five of them have owls on them, though, and you know how owls are in style right now!  I did snap a quick picture of some of the diapers drying outside on the rack (apartment life, sigh).

I need to take pictures of all my newest diapers. Or heck, even my whole stash that I have right now.  

Anyway, I guess that about sums it up!  Tomorrow, who knows what will happen! 

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