Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flats and Handwashing Challenge, Day 7

Today is the last day of the challenge. At least to make it 7 full days (at midnight). I know some of the participants are carrying it over until tomorrow at midnight. Good for them! I can't say I'm very excited to go one more day. I miss my washing machine!

Kiddos are still in flats with covers. We did have an hour and a half of non-flats during church. Sure, I felt guilty about this, and I probably could have pushed the issue, but I didn't. I guess this means I failed the challenge, at least in the competitive sense of the word. We did, however, go into this for much less than $100 and wore the flats all week while only handwashing! I know that it is indeed possible for anyone to cloth diaper. It most certainly is not a monetary issue that would prevent anyone from cloth diapering their child.

So, this has me thinking a bit about the world we live in. Sure, we can cloth diaper all we want and show the world how great it is, but will they listen? Unfortunately, the majority does not, so most daycares (at least here in my area) are not happy about cloth diapers. They all shrivel up when it's mentioned. When my two babies first started the daycare was all about allowing my cloth diapers. Yet, every day that I picked them up, they were in a disposable. The reason was usually not worthy of the disposable. I'm not a person big on confrontations and I would just let it be and continue bringing the cloth diapers each day. Without fail they'd come home in the disposables. Even though they said they'd be more than happy to work with me on the cloth diapering aspect, they did not. When I mentioned it, it seemed like there was one excuse after the other, and as I've said, I am not the confrontational type, so I let it go. At the time I was very busy with nursing school and clinical rounds in the hospital that I didn't really have the energy to fight it. So, in the end, my babies were in disposables at daycare.

Now I'm a SAHM and I wish I could be forever. Unfortunately, my time is narrowing down and I will, sooner rather than later, have to turn in my time at home with my babies and send them back to daycare. This time, I will have more to say about it and I will push the issue. In fact, I'll probably take it a step further and try to convince them to start cloth diapering those babies whose parents don't bring in enough diapers. I've seen kids have to stay in those yucky disposables far too long because they didn't have anymore for them to wear. It's about the babies, after all. I can't see a parent complaining about their child wearing a cloth diaper while they're at a daycare. I can see a daycare employee complaining about a cloth diaper. Perhaps education is all they're missing. It is indeed an issue worth confronting.

So, yeah, we did the challenge, and even though we deviated for an hour or so, we're back in our flats (receiving blankets!) until tomorrow. I'm happy I participated.


Amy said...

I loved reading your post about this! I was sad that I couldn't participate this time around, but I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts about it. I wonder if any news outlets would publish something like this if bloggers submitted their experiences. That would certainly raise awareness. We (in Salt Lake City) had a news article about the expense of diapering for low income families. Officials who work with the needy said cloth diapering wasn't an option for these families because of the expense and laundering issues (many don't have access to washing machines). That is exactly what this challenge addressed, and I think that everyone should hear about the results.
Anyway, I'm rambling on. Thanks so much for linking up for Feed Me Friday! I'm following and subscribing back. Have a great holiday!

Kerry said...

Thanks! I really wish they would gets some media on this! It is just so affordable it's silly! I can't believe they said it wasn't an option for low income families. See? Education! The nation needs educating! Hah. Thanks for having the link up! :)