Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flats and Handwashing Challenge, Day 6

Day 6 of the Flats Challenge! One more day! I say that like I'm all excited, but honestly the challenge hasn't been bad. I'm honestly going to include flats into my daily rotation. It may not be a full time thing, as I am quite attached to my fitteds, pockets, and AIO's! The real excitement about the end of the challenge is no longer having to wash by hand! Yay! Washing by hand hasn't been the worst, or yuckiest, task I've had to do on a daily basis, but, ya know, I've got a washer, so why not take advantage of that wonderful invention!

I washed my diapers in the tub by hand sans camp style washer. I rinsed twice, washed, and they still smelled of urine to high heavens! So, I did an individual rinse, wash, rinse (with vinegar!) in the tub instead of having them all in together. I used Rockin Green this time around (been using Charlies Soap <3). Once I did a more thorough and individual rinse and wash the smell was gone, gone, gone! The sun was shining and I hung them all out to dry on my drying rack. The wind was blowing a bit. Dry time was much shorter than overnight drying and with the wind and vinegar, they came out much softer today! Since this went over so well, I'll wait to wash until the morning, again. I'll be able to hang them outside, again! Why didn't I do this from the beginning? Silly, silly mommy.

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