Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flats and Handwashing Challenge, Day 5

Last night I fell asleep trying to get Olivia to sleep. I was fully dressed and had not washed my diapers yet, either! We didn't make it back to Lafayette until after 8pm. Now I get to try to remember what yesterday was like.

I really don't think their was anything extraordinary that occurred as far as the Flats challenge goes. The oscillating fan sped up my drying time just a bit, but now we're back home and I don't have an oscillating fan. I'm going to try the vinegar in the rinse cycle this morning when I wash. I'm not incredibly upset about not washing last night. This way I'll get to try a few more things as a flat. The sun is shining outside, and now I get to see how fast they dry out there versus hanging them over night. Any guesses as to which is fastest? Right, that's not even a real question, we all know the answer! I just have to remember to bring in the covers (PUL) as soon as they're dry or this Louisiana heat will damage them!

All right, I need to get moving and washing and cleaning. I promise to get the pictures I've taken the past couple days up soon!

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