Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Flats and Handwashing Challenge, Day 3

 Last night was so much fun. Really. Okay, that's sarcasm. I'll tell you why in just a minute. Yesterday was another day of success with the flats! I am, however, realizing that I really do prefer sized diaper covers as opposed to their OS counterparts. They fit so much better. Using the flats definitely gives a trimmer fit (when I fold it right!), and wow, who knew both my kiddos are on the smaller side of a medium? We went through about the same amount of diapers both days so far. Between my two, we use about 10-12 flats and 7-8 covers. Yesterday was a bit of a pooper, too. Had I done some better folding (or had my 11 month old kept still for 1 minute), it might have contained the poop and saved the cover from contamination, but, so it goes! Still room to go with the limit.

When it came down to washing the diapers last night, it was nearly midnight and my two were still going. Cranky, of course. I know, I'm an awful mommy for letting them be up so late, but some days it's easier to just let them wear themselves out than to fight with forcing them to sleep, right? But this is about my diapering. I went with literally hand washing last night. I ditched the plunger. I did use the bucket, but I still didn't feel like my diapers were coming clean enough. I emptied it out into the tub and donned my fancy (ha ha) purple rubber gloves and went to town scrubbing each diaper, one by one (like I said, about 12, so hardly a terribly time consuming task). I felt much better about the cleanliness.

My drying time hasn't been incredibly awful, but still, for the thin blankets I'm using, I'm really a bit surprised they don't dry faster. I should wring the out better, I know. But when you've got two kiddos at your feet "helping," well, you all know what I'm saying! There are about 4 still drying on my rack, but I've got enough that are dry to get me through until those are dry. Works out just right. My biggest complaint about hang drying (other than putting them on a drying rack and not a clothesline--don't have one, I live in an apartment) is how STIFF they come out. I pop and wad and wave them around to get a little bit of softness into them, but they're still stiff. I'm going to figure this out, yet!

About 4 am this morning Olivia woke up vomiting and each time it would come up, it would also come out the other end. I most definitely wanted to throw in the towel, or throw out the blanket as it were. Then I immediately felt guilty because if all I had were flats, I most definitely would not have the option to switch up to a "better" diaper. In fact, I can't even really say why I wanted to switch to something else, it's all the same, except for folding a clean one to put on. Tonight I will have a couple prepped and ready, just in case. (She is fine this morning, I think it was something she ate.)

So, day three, here we are, and I'm still okay with using my flats. Sure, I've wanted to grab my others a few times in the past two days, but for no real reason. The flats are completely functional and so far, leak free! Really, I love this challenge.

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