Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flats and Handwashing Challenge, Day 2

We made it through Day 1 of the challenge. I went through more diapers than I anticipated, though! I pulled out the hooded towels. So far, I have not needed them today. I guess yesterday was the heavy load to attempt to discourage me from the flats! Not done, however, we're still flattin' it up!

Washing the diapers last night in my camp style washer was an experience indeed. I ended up cracking the lid a good bit. In the end, I was using my hands, which made me feel a bit like I was doing more cleaning, anyway. I do like using the bucket, though.

Last night I ended up using a flat and a prefold on both my little ones. They were both dry upon waking. With the overwhelming success I've read about, I'm going to stick with just the flats tonight.

I'm really glad everyone is having such luck with the challenge so far! I do wish I had some "real" flats and not just the blankets I'm using. I'm sure they'd be more absorbent than the thin blankets we have. Alas, I will not spend the money on them at this point in time, especially when part of this is all about saving money and making do with what we've got!

I wonder how many people will pull flats into their regular rotation of diapers after this? I know I probably will.

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