Monday, May 23, 2011

Flats and Handwashing Challenge, Day 1

Day 1 of the flats challenge!

My flats consist of 10 receiving blankets and 12 Gerber flats. I know, the Gerber flats have often been called Gerber crap, but I decided to go ahead and give them a shot. If all else fails, I've got some nice cleaning rags. And James seems to like to use it as a love-y. I did, of course, do a trial run with them first. No, they are not super absorbent or a fantastic flat by any means, but they do hold up for at least one pee. I'm using 4 Thirsties covers and one Prowrap.

I have not mastered the folds, so we're just using the pad fold for right now. I can do the Kite fold, but I only have ONE snappi. How did that happen, right? Well, I've mostly just used pockets and AIO's in the past. I have diaper pins, but with my wigglers, those are not very fun to apply! No worries, though! It's all good. I am psyched for the challenge!

Okay, I took a break and came back to it. Check out this Origami fold!!
I'm quite proud of myself. It shall get better as we fold more and more! So far, so good with the challenge. The real challenge comes tonight when I do the first washing!



Clare said...

We have a James too!

I love the origami fold, it took me a while to master it but now it's my favorite!

Kerry said...

Awesome! You don't hear that name too often around here!

I'm lovin' the origami fold now. I've done it so many times today, I think I've got it down!