Friday, July 11, 2008

When the world keeps coming down on me I let it go!

The shame! I did not make an entry yesterday. Maybe I'll make up for it today by making two posts. Oh, but you shall just have to wait and see. I know the suspense might be dreadful, but you can handle it.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, for me, at least. I woke up and did my normal AM Yoga routine, made some coffee, took a shower, watched a portion of The Early Show, came to work, went home, cleaned the kitchen and took out the trash, ate dinner, and went to bed. Of course I could fill that in and take up pages upon pages of mundane details, but what's the point of boring you all to death with that? Maybe next time.

I'm trying to decided where to take my bridal photos. There are really just so many options. I know the one fact; I want them to be outside. I've always had an immense love for trees (I rarely hug them, though). Of course, I want trees to be a part of the background. Big, gnarly, old and wise trees! Sunshine. Water. Old buildings. Okay, call me crazy, but I'd be in hog heaven if I could take pictures by a really old abandoned church with an old cemetery. My love for the middle ground between here and there has never faulted. What? Morbid? Aww, c'mon! It would be unique, I bet. Not that I'm striving to be all individualistic or anything.

Oh! One of my sisters bought me some awesome shoes to wear with my dress (as I may have mentioned before), and those have to come through in some of the pictures. R also mentioned wearing the big black boots that are the typical "me" shoe (in actuality, I hardly ever wore them--my slob style always won over the fun side). I may also drag along some of those. At this moment, but only this moment, I sort of regret (oh, I just don't like that word) passing them along to S a few years ago. So it goes!

What if I get my dress dirty while I'm taking pictures? I can think of some fun pictures to take, but it would surely soil my dress! And I can't wait to have it cleaned, again. I'm starting to wonder if I should wait until AFTER I get married to do the bridal session. That way I can take the fun pictures, and not worry about it getting dirty, because it'll have to be cleaned then, anyway. Or, I can always have a session before and after. Hrm. There's a thought.

I'm at work. I know, you're not surprised. Every entry I've made has been while I'm at work. I can't help it. I need this me time to push along the day. Of course, today it's more of a "to get the day going" sort of entry. I've hardly done anything. In my defense, I did do a couple things for work. I'm not a complete slacker. I long for the days of being able to work at my own leisure. Those days won't come without some hard working years behind it, or as it were, ahead of it. I just confused myself, I think.

This weekend we're (myself, B, & K) going to B's parents' place. They're having a small get-together in honor of our upcoming elopement. His aunt and uncle have a nice built in pool. I plan to swim. They can gawk at my enormous hips and thighs if they will, I have no cares. I want to swim and relax in a pool.

I'm actually looking forward to the drive. It's been a while since I just drove for a while. The sun will be out, and I can roll the windows all the way down and blast some good insterstate-driving music. Speaking of, I wonder what ever happened to that cd my brother in law made years and years ago. It was fun. I have fond memories of trips back and forth to Lafayette, singing along with Cowboy Mouth. Except for that time the bird flew into the car and hit the back window. Well, okay, it's not very fond for the bird, I'm sure, as it was ultimately his last memory, but I sure can't help laughing about it now.

I'm trying not to stress over life. Pick up rings, send B's ring back, get B a new ring, decide on location for photo session, apply for new job, find a house, B needs a car, tell my boss I quit when I get a new job...Okay, that doesn't sound so bad. No need to stress! It's been said over and over again, but with an indisposable cash flow, those items would not be in the least bit stressful. Well, telling my boss I'm going to a new job might still be, but that's a different issue all together.

And speaking of different issues, I'm looking forward to my two therapy appointments next week. I'm a bit nervous about the one with the psychiatrist, because I've only seen him once before. I'm definitely ready for the one with the therapist, though. That hour flies by! It really is helping me. It makes a huge difference when you really want the help. I'm getting better! Yay. Make that, YAY! But of course I couldn't do it without my loving and supportive family (and I'm not just saying that because they made read this, I mean it!).

Okay, time for some work.

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