Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tossing rocks along the way...

Well, I did it. I submitted my resume for an editor (copy) position. It's through email. This is basically something I would do in my time off from my current job; my night and weekend job. I don't get the whole pay deal. It says, "Five percent book royalty income paid as compensation for content editing work." I assume that means payment later rather than sooner. But my main goal in this is to see IF I even like that sort of work. And on top of that, I really doubt I'll be seriously considered for it, since I have absolutely no experience in the workfield with that. I have done that sort of deal while I was in school.

I also got off my ass and printed out some state applications for a couple different state jobs. Well, three to be exact. Two at ULL (would love to work there--hello free graduate classes), and one at the University Medical Center in the Radiology department. All secretarial work, of course. All three jobs offer (1) more money and (2) benefits! I could also get direct deposit there! I miss direct deposit. It sucks running around after work and over the weekend trying to get my check cashed or deposited. It was nice when it would go through late on Thursday nights. I'm really hoping that I could get one of these positions. It would be SO MUCH better for me than what I'm doing now. Working at the university has other benefits as well. As I so vaguely (hah!) mentioned before, I could take free classes! I would completely love that. I can use their recreation center for exercise and swimming and what not. I think it'd be cool, anyway. It could be another job straight out of hell, for I all I really know.

The hospital I wouldn't mind working for, either. I'd probably get to wear scrubs, and that takes a lot of guesswork out of getting dressed in the mornings. Simple, and usually pretty cute (since I've been into that whole girly cuteness lately). We shall see!

I'm (finally!) going to the jeweler at lunch today to get my ring resized. B needs to get his resized, too. It's about a half size too big. I'm not sure if I should stick with the 7.5 or go down to the 7. The 7.5 is a little loose, but not too bad. I'm just afraid of my hands swelling and it not fitting. BUT in the winter, and when my hands get cold, it could just fly right off. I better go with the 7, which means I need to resize both my wedding band and engagement ring. Oh, fun, fun, fun.

I was going to get B a wedding gift, but then K pointed out to me that I've already bought the wedding ceremony, plane tickets, and room for the whole thing. I don't think I need to do anything else, really. So, that's that, at least. No more expenses to stress over there. I am, however, letting other expenses stress me out. Bills, bills, bills. The story of all our lives, I'm sure.

I really don't get how people live, sometimes. It's just unreal. We need another vehicle and a house. Anyone care to donate to the cause? Of course not, you're all poor, too!! And then I turn on the TV and see millions of dollars being paid for PICTURES of babies. I just don't get it. How did it get to this? It does no good to complain about it, I know. Celebrities will continue to rake it all in without lifting a freaking pinky, while we all slave away at work. And I'm sure they had to work somewhere along the lines. They're just better at selling themselves. I guess they deserve a cookie. I just wouldn't mind a little nibble once in a while!

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