Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's a sleepy afternoon, but I'll manage.

I haven't posted since last Thursday (0bviously). That's a bit off for me. I suppose the best reasons (though they're all excuses) is that I've been incredibly moody and cranky. I'd hate to make a long complainy post. Regardless, here's a new one.

I'm in a mostly decent mood this afternoon. I never like proclaiming my good moods, because that always seems to shoo them away. But considering that my moods are all lasting for about 30 minutes tops right now, I don't guess it really matters.

I'm completely exhausted right now. I'm having one of those sixth hour class moments where you dose off and your head starts droop forward, then you wake up and nearly give yourself whiplash. I'd love nothing more than a nap. Okay, that's not entirely true, I could think of a lot more that I'd love than just a nap, but a nap would be a fine starting point.

I received the editor's guide for American Book Publishing today. That's exciting. It really makes me want to head off to Barnes and Noble and buy the Chicago Manual of Style (which I'll probably do, even though most of the guidelines can be found online) just so I'll have it for reference. I need to read through the guide they sent to me, too. I'm nervous and excited about receiving my first manuscript. I hope that it isn't for a seasoned author, or if it is, that they can't tell I'm brand new! It's also a bit inspiring to start working on my own stories and such. Maybe I'll do that this weekend while I'm watching the boat drag races. Then again, maybe not. I really do enjoy watching the boats. I especially love the roaring engines!

In a week I'll get to see my childhood best friend! I don't think I've seen her for about six years now. Seems crazy that it's been that long, but I'm pretty sure that it has. We're going to go out to dinner and spend some time catching up, but ultimately we won't have too much time together since B and I are leaving for Las Vegas that Saturday. (SQUEEE! 11 more days!)

Going back to the writing my own stories, my laptop is nearly dead. That makes me pretty sad. I think I can get it back to a decent condition, but probably not the best. I really want a new one, but there's just no available funds for that. Well.....there's credit, but that doesn't count. I cannot make a big purchase like that at this point in my life, not considering my current condition.

Andybody wanna buy me a laptop as a wedding gift?? Which reminds me, I need to stop by the apartment tonight on my way to my parents' place and pick up the Target registry cards.

I just wrote that reminder on my hand, and how it made me long for a tattoo. It has been too long. K is going to go without me, or at least get one while I watch. But there's no way I can get one now, or even afford to get one. Heck, I can't even afford to want one right now. Saddening. Really.

Anyhow. That's your update (hardly) for now.

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