Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I won't back down.

I sneeze all day while I'm at work. I do believe this supports my theory; I'm allergic to work! In the very least, I'm allergic to this place.

I found out some AWFUL news from a co-worker this morning. My boss was getting some files from an agent's office yesterday. While he was there, he was so concerned about getting the damned files that he let the dogs out. Now, I've been to this office before. Their dogs are their children! It's been said that one of the dogs got ran over. :( Well, my boss just buzzed me and made ME call to tell them we're done with what he got and so forth, because HE didn't want to talk to them after what he did! UGH! "I let the dogs out and didn't stick around to see if they got them all back or not." He really can be such an ass sometimes! Well, at least when I talked to them they sounded okay, so hopefully the doggie is also okay.

In other news, B and I got our rings yesterday! They're beautiful! I can't wait to wear it. I really am completely psyched about being married to him; spending my life with him. I keep dreaming of how the holidays will be, having babies, and growing old together. Yeah, yeah, I know. It's not all lollipops. It just feels great to finally be where I want to in life (at least for that aspect).

I'm still looking for another job. I spent a good bit of time last night searching online. Man, there are a lot of freelance jobs, but they don't pay very well! Not to mention I'm zilch on the experience, so probably even less than most. A career in writing will definitely take some transition from full time work with that on the side for a while. Then to part time, until eventually (hopefully) I don't even need the part time, and I can just write.

We're having wireless issues at home. I need to get to the bottom of it. I can't use my laptop for internet purposes, not to mention B's computer doesn't have Word on it. How can you not have Word?! (Sure, most people wouldn't use it, but Word is like not having IE or Firefox to me!) So, I'm constantly hopping back and forth between the two. My laptop is also completely out of room. It hardly runs, anymore. It's constantly telling me it's all full! Seriously, resources/memory are so low, it won't even let me transfer files to my Ipod. Crazy, right? I just think it means it's time for a new computer! I'm afraid I won't be getting one of those until I know that my writing can take off. We won't stress over in which direction, though. Perhaps it could be a wedding gift to myself.

And speaking of wedding gift, I need to get something for B. What to get, what to get? We're both paycheck-to-paycheck poor. Maybe I'll get creative and make something. Who knows? Hrm. I have a sweet idea! Okay, it's really not that spectacular considering it's an option that puts me just a bit more in debt (Bad, Kerry, BAD). I'll just have to look at it as an investment! A digital video camera. I know, I know, hardly necessary! But would be incredibly convenient for our trip to Las Vegas. And all the memories will begin to build as husband and wife. Okay, I'm done with the gag-inducing talk.

There was something else I wanted to cover, but I guess that will just have to come later in the day.

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