Monday, July 14, 2008

Here comes the rain, again.

I'm pretty irritable this afternoon. I've been trying to make calls all day. I feel pretty lost about what I'm supposed to do. The gynecologist I've always seen is in Alexandria. I'm not setting up an appointment there. So, I don't have a doctor. I thought I needed to have a doctor confirm that I'm pregnant, but after calling a few health units, it seems that most ob/gyn offices don't have to have a second verification; the two at home tests should be enough.

In the midst, and perhaps height, of my irritation, the LaMOMS lady called (it's a program that pays for all prenatal care, delivery, and up to 60 days postnatal care for families under a certain income, which we happen to fall into) and said I just needed proof of my work/salary faxed over, and everything should be set up by Thursday. She said I probably shouldn't schedule an appointment until after that, so that I know I'll be covered. At least that. BUUUUUUUUT. The office manager isn't in today (completely unreliable) and I don't know if I can get the information I need from her today. None of which would be a problem if they just provided check stubs each paycheck.

My back hurts. My head hurts. I'm incredibly sleepy. I get no sleep at night. None! I toss and turn and no matter how I get, I'm never comfortable. I think I need my granny recliner from my sister's. I have a feeling I might be sleeping in that chair a good bit for the next nine months.

And what if something happens? I gotta tell you, it sucks telling people and getting excited right now, because what if it doesn't carry on? What if I miscarry or something like that? It's just SCARY.

Anyway, I'm still at work. My nerves are really short, but I guess I need to try to get something else done.

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