Monday, July 14, 2008

Good News.

I'm pregnant!!!!!

That deserves a line all in itself. This is earlier than I expected it to be, but it's all good. I'm happy and Ben's happy, and that's what matters. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. I've taken two tests and both have said "pregnant." My sister's boyfriend says HCG don't lie. I was planning to take a half a day tomorrow anyway, because I have two therapy appointments. I guess I'll spend all day in and out of doctors' offices.

By my own calculations, I'll be due mid March. The changes are already crazy. Just thinking that I have a life growing inside of me is crazy. Mind blowing. O.O

My family all seems pretty excited, too. I'm happy. I know my nephew will be really happy, too. My sisters tell me that he asked me a couple weeks ago for a baby, though I have no recollection of that at all. But there ya go, he's getting what he asked for!

So much is happening in my life right now. Marriage, pregnancy, looking for a new house and a new job...the list goes on, but those are the biggest, most stressful (both good and bad stress) items.

The most prominent changes have to include the smells and the achiness! Everything smells and everything hurts. I really keep waiting for my period to start becuase I cramp so much. But no such signs. I feel like I need to take a million more tests, just to be sure. But that's what the doctor visit will be about tomorrow.

Smells, achiness, and NO SLEEP. I don't think I've ever had that much trouble sleeping in my life!

Anyway, more later, I guess I need to work, now.

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Brudda John said...

Wow... I suppose congrats are in order. I don't get to speak with you too much these days. I saw your blog comment the other day, and was genuinely surprised that you take the time to read them. Keep yourself in good order Kerry. Wish you had time to come by and chat sometime! ALOHA!