Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And how does that make you feel?

I had two therapy appointments today. One with the psychiatrist, and one with the therapist. My doctor said it was okay for me to stay off the Cymbalta for now, since I'm still not sure. He says plenty people go off the meds for the duration of the pregnancy and are okay, but if the need to treat the depression/anxiety becomes great enough, they have to treat me. He says he thinks that staying on the cymbalta will be fine, but that I should talk to my OB/GYN first. They may want me to be on Zoloft or Prozac as those have had definite "okays" throughout numerous pregnancies. He did, however, suggest that if I do stay off the medication for the pregnancy that I at least keep up with therapy once a week. But he really thinks I'll be okay on the cymbalta. So I just have to call him and let him know as soon as I know what the OB/GYN says.

My therapist was surprised, but genuinely happy (or a good actress) about all the great stressors (the good type) happening in my life right now. I have another appointment with her on the 31st, right before I leave for Vegas. I know that's two weeks away, but I was hoping that I'd know more about the medication by the next visit.

She seemed pleased with my accomplishments, and it made me happy to know that at least there is one other person that realizes my efforts for what they really hard. It's really exhausting to care everyday, but I really, really want to. Today, I actually would have loved to have had a recording of my session with her, because I think it was an accomplishment, even for me, in the way I responded to what's been going on in life lately (A LOT).

My memory is shot. I can't remember much, so I definitely don't remember the last thing I posted. This morning feels like it was days ago.

I didn't have coffee this morning. I'm still not sure if I should cut that out completely or not. I've read that it's okay to have a cup or two each day. By 5pm, I did have a Mochassippi, though. I was so thirsty and CC's was too close to pass up! And it was really yummy, too! Then I went to Chili's with M. It was great to sit and talk with her for a while. I really hope she finds "her way."

I've been incredibly snotty the past couple days. I've been sneezing like mad at work. It drives me nutty. I have a box of Puffs everywhere that I go! Is it a cold? Or is it the thinning of the mucous membranes because I'm pregnant that makes me congested? I really think it's a cold.

Today was the first day I was really nauseated all morning long. So much so, I even brought along an icecream bucket lined with a plastic bag...just in cases! (If you've seen Love, Actually--and if you haven't you should!--you'll get the bad grammar there.) It finally subsided after lunch. But riding around town with my mom didn't help it any. I really think during these nine months I will most definitely be driving everywhere I go; no riding along.I have a bit of a headache right now and I'm really tired. All afternoon I've just wanted to take a nap. And it makes me that much more exhausted to think of waking up for work tomorrow.

OH!! Speaking of work! Remember that I sent in my resume for a copy editor position? Wellllllll, I got a response!!!

Kerry,Thank you for your interest in ABP! I'm excited about your enthusiasm for editing and your experience in writing. We are definitely interested in hiring you as an editor.

Awesome, no? I think it's a great opportunity. It will offer wonderful experience! I'm looking forward to it!

Anyway, I'm so tired and I should get to bed, I guess. Have a good night, folks!

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Kate said...

That is exciting news, about the job!

And congrats on your pregnancy. :)